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Kerala Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient forms of healthcare which originated in India. It is
the science of life and longevity which uses various principles of nature and different medicinal plants and herbs for the overall cure and development of humans. It not only helps to deal with physical well being, but also mental and psychological well being of human beings. The best place to enjoy the full benefits of Ayurveda in India is the beautiful southern state of Kerala. Kerala Ayurveda is a great way to rejuvenate your soul and senses and get rid of all the negative energies and illness that creeps into the body. For ayurveda to be effective it requires certain physical and climatic conditions and Kerala has the perfect climate and physical conditions for that. It basically uses different kinds of herbs, oils and natural minerals for the treatment. The warm humid climate of Kerala facilitates the perfect absorption of these elements by the body, thereby resulting in maximum impact.         The climatic conditions of Kerala are also perfect to grow all the medicinal herbs and plants required for the treatment.
Usually in different parts of India and the world, Ayurveda is an alternative form of medicine, however in Kerala it is a mainstream medical system. About thousands of years ago, this science developed in this very state and when people all over the world were dying of small illnesses, ayurveda provided great relief and new lease of life to the people of this state. The legendary eight vaidyas of Ayurveda, who helped to propagate and popularize this science, also belonged to this state. There are many ayurvedic centers and resorts scattered all over the state. People from all over the country and the world come here to get ayurvedic treatments in one of its many centers. Ayurvedic treatments can be taken for the whole body, or certain parts of the body like head, neck, legs, hands etc. It can also be used to treat various diseases.
So if your health and illness is causing so many problems in your daily life, go for Ayurveda Treatment, which efficiently and effectively cures all the body problems and diseases and makes life healthier.
Kerala Travel Mart: 27 to 30 September, 2012 at Le Meridian Convention Centre, Cochin, India

Kerala is one of the hottest tourist destinations of India. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world come
here to get a taste of its supreme natural beauty, breathtaking beaches, cool pleasant hill stations and adventurous natural parks and jungles. Hence it is a lucrative destination for investment in the tourism industry. To showcase its potential an event called Kerala Travel Mart is held every two year,  that projects this state as Asia’s new age destination and a hotspot for tourism in India. It is one of the most important tourism events that bring all the tourism related entrepreneurs and business people of the entire sub-continent, to come and deliberate and explore new avenues of investment in the tourism sector of this country and tap all its resources.

The Kerala Travel Mart: 27 to 30 September, 2012 at Le Meridian Convention Centre, Cochin, India, was the seventh edition of this event that was held successfully since it was launched in the year 2000. This event brings on one platform all the stakeholders of the tourism industry. All the buyers and sellers come together and transact business worth thousands of dollars.

On an average this event sees a conglomeration of 1000 buyers and 300 sellers from more than 50 countries all around the world and also different parts of India. It is a hugely successful event that captures all the aspects of tourism industry and opens up new avenues for greater development and advancement of the region.

This high profile event not only brings together stake holders and entrepreneurs together, but in this Convention various avenues of promoting Kerala tourism is discussed. The convention also welcomes not profitable organisation and government agencies to chalk out innovative strategies to make Kerala a favoured Asian Tourist destination in the days to come. This high profile event is successfully organised by Kerala Travel Mart Society along with the KTDC and Kerala Government.


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