Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Shopping in Kerala

Kerala is one of the best places in India to go for a holiday.There is
so much for one to do and see when you are holidaying in this gorgeous and marvelous state. From the pristine sun kissed beaches to breathtaking backwaters, the cool pleasant hill stations to wild adventurous jungles and national parks, Kerala has a destination for every kind of traveler. Besides visiting these unique places another best thing that you can do here is shopping. Shopping in Kerala is one of the best things to do and the experience one can have from this activity is totally awesome as you can purchase a wide range of products out here. The products sold here embody the art, craft and culture of the place. It displays the rich tradition and history of the state and becomes a part of your asset. It would be nothing less than a collector’s item.
Some of the interesting products that you can purchase while shopping in Kerala are the local handicrafts made from different parts of coconut tree, wooden crafts, coir products, products craved out of horn, bamboo mat paintings, crafts made from metals, different kinds of costumes and masks used for various traditional dance performances like Kathkali. These handicrafts are colorful, elegant, natural and more importantly unique and special which drips in the culture of the place. Besides the handicrafts the other things you can buy while shopping in Kerala are textiles, spices of different kinds, coffee, eucalyptus products etc. The spices found in this region have been popular from the ancient times and traders from all over the world were attracted to this place because of its high quality spices. It was a very important centre of trade and commerce during the time of the British. There are many shopping centers, arcades, emporiums, bazaars and market places where you can purchase all these products. A little bit of bargaining here and there might be good to land yourself some good deals.

So if you are on holidays or tours in Kerala, this could be one activity that could make your tour more enjoyable and beautiful. You can go for lots of shopping in Kerala with family members or with your special someone and collect so many handicrafts, paintings and wooden crafts and take back home as the souvenir of memorable Kerala tour. 


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