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Kathakali of Kerala

Kerala is one of the richest states in India in 

terms of culture. 
 Its culture and traditions are deeply rooted in ancient times and manifests itself in the form of dances, music, art, crafts, literature, festivals, martial arts, etc. The grand cultural celebrations of Kerala are spectacular events to watch and experience. Different forms of dances are a major aspect of Kerala’s culture and tradition and among the many dances; the Kathakali of Kerala is one of the most important dances.

 It is a combination of dance and drama, where the performer is dressed in elaborate 

costume, apply intense and attractive make up. The gestures are detailed, the body 

movements are perfect and well defined and the music played is completely traditional. 

All these come together to make the performance a delight in itself for any admirer of 

culture. Its roots can be traced back to as early as 17thcentury and over the years it has 

evolved and become more refined and perfect. 

The expressions of the Kathakali dancers have no match anywhere. It’s a perfect 

combination of bodily movements and facial gestures, both complimenting each other in a 

perfect way. The singing and the drumming are also equally appealing.

Legend has it that Kathakali of Kerala emerged from Krishnanattam, the art form which portrays the life and activities of Lord Krishna in the form of art and drama. Keeping up pace with the modern times, the Kathakali has evolved  and efforts are being made to modernize, popularize, propagate and promote this dance from all over the world.

 Most of the plays in this dance are based on traditional and mythological stories; however attempts have been made to incorporate historical stories and classics of Europe including Shakespeare’s plays in the dance to make it more global. 

There are about 101 classical stories that can be portrayed through Kathakali. There are

 different centres all over Kerala and some also in other states and even abroad , that are

 established to teach this dance form. There are many prominent Kathakali artists and most 

of them come from Kerala, the very place where it took birth.


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