Thursday, October 17, 2013

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Precaution is a good remedy to avert an accident

Travelling is fun but sometime it could turn out to be a deadly encounter its not to create paranoia or rumor but the deadly encounters that people had faced during a venture could not be overlooked therefore our sole intention is to provide a safety tips and not to paralyze a growth of tourism.

We here solemnly considering criminal and thugs and not the department of tourism because everyone loves to travel in fact it has become a part of life in modern day our main concern is just to provide you some safety tips while travelling.

So the very first thing you are require to do is get a complete data about the destination you are travelling better plan with a renowned travel agent for a best package try to get accustom to their culture before you mark your presence.

Level your mark of attention try to be alarm and cautious don’t let your conscience ruin you be smart be a responsible tourist do not go without plan or package do all the research that is require to do and be well in tune before you pay your visit.

On your arrival if you have already done a booking of hotel ask them to send you a cab so that you could reach your inn without any problem but remember do call them prior to your arrival as a reminder.

Don’t loiter around and don’t be an alien try and act like you know everything about this place be conscious but don’t be over smart try and be formal and friendly with all do not talk with stranger and if you sense any problem or trouble around you than try and get into a crowd.

Please remember to have a phone number of a local police there so that you could avert any encounter always try and wear a loose outfit do not be a fancy customer and also do not be a busy guide try and calm down and enjoy environment without troubling anyone.

Let your silence do a talking carry a map and guide your way according to its direction and if you are confuse try and hop into some good restaurant and ask them about the place or to clear your doubt.

Be familiar and it’s better to learn some foreign language so that they could understand you better do not mess around with fools and avoid to walk alone if you are with your family stick around and let it be a joint venture.

Do not get entice into a fraud promises be smart as the criminal could be aware of your moves try not to carry your valuables and if you are carrying your purse do not show it in your hand cause they could be eyeing at it.

While shopping remembers to tag along with any of your team and before you arrive its best to have some training related with martial art so that you could prevent any of the encounter.
Be familiar and be safe an above mentioned tips are not to discourage tourism but its solemnly put its focus on a safe ride and secure venture.



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