Thursday, October 17, 2013

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Mauritius venture to attract more Chinese traveler

Challenged by a beauty of Seychelles and Maldives, Mauritius is now looking to attract more tourists being a key destination of Africa beauty it’s looking to build up its share attraction because its tourist from Europe are declining in numbers.

Michael Sik Yeung, minister for Tourism and Leisure in Mauritius said we are witnessing a prime numbers of visitors from china in current years as compared to the year of 2011, 2012 has witnessed a significant rise in a numbers and we are looking forward to increase more by the conclusion of this year.
China ranks 9th on the list of top 10 Island inbound tourism and it account only 1% of the nation total travelers.
The top three countries in terms of touring the Island are France, the United Kingdom and Germany which accounts 300,000 French tourists who are a regular visitor of Mauritius said Yeung.
Guests from European countries build up the preponderance of the island's vacationer, but expansion from that bloc is declining.
He added Chinese tourists are very important for the future prospect of Mauritius but till now many Chinese are not aware about our infrastructure.
As to promote the tourism delegation including a top level representatives had visited the shore of Shanghai and Beijing as the Chinese people are very interested in island circles.
As they have already talked with travel agencies operating there at china and hoping to link the nation to grow island tourism of Mauritius.
As far as the completion from a nearby island and beaches are concern Mauritius is a different one much because of its rich culture and diversity  the people here have their roots from a different nation like that from India, Africa, France and Muslim countries.
As the profusion of French delight and African tranquility attracting more people and also a free visa policy has helped a lot in terms of attracting Chinese people said Wang Ning.
According to Wang, high-altitude jumping, deep-sea fishing, golf and self-driving are among the most admired activities for Chinese tourists.
Wang and his company who provides services to a Chinese people has witnessed a growth in numbers  which was 1000 now they are serving more than 2500 Chinese tourist and by the end of September a number went up building a castle.
As many tourists come here to spend their honeymoon and family holidays are prominent and the percentage is growing said Wang.
In order to reimburse the failure of its European markets and to attract more Chinese people Mauritius is looking to improve its service ad business operation.
Opening of a direct flight has profited many resort and hotels and Lux resort, a Mauritian hotels group is not an exception.
In order to serve them with pure hospitality country has initiated a Chinese housing and restaurant where Chinese delights get served.
Sydney Pierre, head of Worldwide Sales at Lux Resorts said they are putting their focus to Chinese arrivals in terms of serving them we have Chinese chef and at the same time we are training our team members as well as we have 9 Chinese people in our resort.
The group has also recognized offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, with 20 people dealing with reservations in China. In addition, it is working with 10 Chinese tourist companies.
And at the same time as promised Air Mauritius has opened direct flights from Beijing and Shanghai to Mauritius.
Chinese travelers do not need to impede in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia anymore.
As the direct flights are adding more people and attracting more tourist but to add more flights or not decision is not yet discussed but it would depend on its demand said Zhang Jian, the general manager of Air Mauritius China.


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