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Manarcad St.Mary's Cathedral Church Kottayam

Kerela a land where Christianity has sunk its roots deeper than anywhere else in India
has numerous churches available at every corner. However, Manarcad Church is one that significantly shines out from the rest. Located about 10 kilometer away from a town named Kottayam in Kerela, India the giant awe created by man with its white coat paint spelling out the peacefulness that is found within it has left tourists wanting to visit more and more as times roll by. Apart from the visitors people come there to worship Virgin Mary and one could easily feel the blessing that she bestows down on them. September 1st to the 8th would be one of the most busiest times for this church as devotees comes in large number to practice the 8th day fast and celebrate the feast of Virgin Mary.

This church consists of more than 2500 families which has been spread over 12 areas in the region. This mass of devotees are led by a team which consists of a Vicar and 8 assistant Vicars. The church not only provides the masses with religious relief and a sense of belonging but has its roots spread in education and hospital care as well. Some of the main names that shine out are

·         St. Mary's CBSE School, Manarcad (established 1993)
·         St. Mary's Higher Secondary School (established 1949)
·         St. Mary's IT College (established 1978)
·         St. Mary's Nursing School (established 1976)
·         St. Mary's College (established 1981

 which has been providing quality education to all over the years.

Every old building has a myth or a legend that it brings with it and so does Manarcad Church. The legend speaks of a time when a huge stone cross was to be erected and the people went to ask for help to an elephant owner who resided about 6 kilometers away from the church. The owner refused to the devotees despair they returned pondering on the fact as to how would they manage to erect the giant cross. To their amazement they found on returning that the cross has been erected and before them stood this huge elephant. 

There are a feasts that the church provides throughout the year however, the main ones that takes place where all the devotees attend to are.

A feast held to boost cultivation of agricultural seeds
Held on 15th of January
Sunero feast
Held on 26thFeburary
Commemoration of St. George
Held on 15th of August
Feast of Virgin Mary’s Birth
Held on 8th of September


There are various group that offer various services to the entire public in some way or another. 
Some of the groups are
§  Sunday School
§  St Mary’s Ladies Group
§  St Mary’s Youth Association Manarcad
§  Elders Forum
§  Hail Mary League
§  Prayer Meetings

Manarcad Perunnal
As all churches they have a Sunday mass and a small church was build opposite to the main church on the main road for the very same intention.

Some could debate on the fact that its only a church but a visit to the mystical lands of Kerela without seeing this awe created by man would be such a miss. It’s a place where you can find peace within yourself and that is the only thing that would make your visit to Kerela something more than just a holiday. I could even dare say it could change your views towards life.

Holy Mass  (Kurubana) Timings
§  Monday to Thursday: 7.00 am to 8.00 am
§  Friday and Saturday: 7.30 am to 8.30 am
§  Sunday: 09.00 am to 10.30 am

How to Reach Manarcad St. Mary's Cathedral Church-Kottayam

The Manarcad St. Mary's Cathedral Church is located on Kottayam Kumarakom Road. 

From  the railway station, head towards the Shastri Road. Then take the KK Road. The Church is located on this road. The total driving distance is 6.7 km.

From the railway station you can hire a taxi or a cab to reach the attraction. Private and KSRTC buses are also available to and from in the city.



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