Sunday, November 3, 2013

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Allow history to go easy

Agra: as declared by district authorities of Agra, all the illegal structures and establishment positioned awkwardly, near the premises of a pristine historical edifice around the tourist city.

Agra district magistrate Zuher Bin Saghir said, Archeological survey team would mark all the illegal structures and establishment as the committee has been formed and with a clearance from a supreme court a police official would head this task to demolish the an illegal construction around a beauty of historical monuments.

As the magistrate of zone would keep his eye on approach and he will also graph this on a video, people has been given a time of a week to destroy it or else destruction would be carry out externally.

As per the warning of district collector after a span of 1 week no one will be spared.

As the conservators has reported that a historical city have been flittered by an illegal construction which in result has diluted an importance of the than empire of Mughal so to keep its importance and document its beauty and meaning, magistrate of district has given an order to compile it down the ground.

As the value of land is reaching a height of diamonds valves, common people are trying to fill the space as soon as they can around a magnificent beauty of this pristine city

R. Nath, a Mughal historian and author of a book on the city, said, there was a time when a city used to wake up with a heights of history now a numbers of historical pediments has thirst around 50, though he complained and reported many times to the ASI but none of his words were taken into consideration.

"Conservation and preservation have to be a joint venture between government agencies and people's organisations. It is not always possible to police all monuments,"

Amit Mukherjee, head of the history department of St. John's College, told IANS, a joint venture amongst government and conservationist are required as they are capable enough to save a beauty, it is not possible for a locals to remark all monuments.

The monuments which have been outdone are Christian cemeteries, but a common people even mind a dead existence of a nice dead people. as said by a local resident a city looked much better during late 90s but the condition today is worst as the urban planning agencies looks to cremate a residue a left out Mughal edifices and monuments.

Many historical edifices build by a founder of a Mughal empire like that of Ram Bagh, tomb of Mariam and other historical beauty is in danger as the commons mushroomed around a premise of history.

Beauties like Bagh Farzana and Begum Samru's garden that defines an era of Mughal empire need to be sweep as the dirt around causes a spot in a white glance of beauty.

Although a report of ASI gets delivers to a desk of district administrator but less effort has been taken to stop a grabbers around a beauty of city.

As explained by Mukherjee, open spaces used to add beauty to an edifice but a selfish desire has left no room for a beauty.

Historians and conservationists mourn the indifference to the monuments among residents of the city. There is need to promote pride in monumental heritage, they say.

Surendra Sharma, president of the Braj Mandal Heritage Conservation Society, said youth along with district authorities should come forward to save a beauty and history of this city.

The "Safer and Better Agra" group, in its message to Uttar Pradesh Tourism and the Agra Municipal Corporation, asking for a sounding action against encroachers

Col. (retd) Rajesh Chauhan, who serves as the convener of the group, told IANS that the ASI was advanced to rid historical monuments of encroachers.

"Action should start with politicians who have gobbled public land. Our community ponds have disappeared, and multi-storey buildings have been built. The whole of Sanjay Place commercial complex is overwhelmed by encroachments,"

Anand Rai, an activist, said that approached should start against politician who allows a locals to squander around a beauty of city, an edifice built during a historical era of Mughals are now replaced by a commercial complex.


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